Total Body Massage & Bodywork operates under the assumption that every human being is the author of his or own health or disease. By understanding your unique lifestyle habits, we help you restore your body to optimal range of motion, ease and wellness. There still exists a general view of massage as a luxurious but unnecessary treatment. Bodywork has a wider therapeutic scope that aims to treat musculoskeletal conditions; it may be result driven versus traditional massage which  enhances relaxation. Integrative bodywork is a process where a client undergoes multiple treatment sessions to effectively unlock years of built up tension or pain. The results have had transformative effects on more than just the body. At the Mt. Airy location we also offer integrated massage in addition to psychotherapy services.

Since 1997, I have helped clients with: severe scoliosis, multiple sclerosis, cancer, repetitive strain injuries, sciatic, insomnia, plantar fasciitis, menopause, TMJ, chronic headaches, poor posture, stress and anxiety, elder massage, competitive athletes.

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“My biweekly massages with Lisa during the last 10 years are a necessity due to my line of work. I nicknamed her Doc. She fixes me right up.”

— Judith, Critical Care Nurse

CBD Infused Massage Treatments


2401 Pennsylvania Ave.
The Philadelphian Building
Philadelphia, PA 19130

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Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
1pm to 8:30pm

Mt. Airy

7127 Germantown Ave.
Mt.Airy Psychotherapy & Wellness
Philadelphia, PA 19119

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11am to 730pm

10am to 4pm

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